Monday, September 29, 2014

Thomas Sanford, Beverly Hills Estate Manager - The Wall Street Journal

It's always nice when a publication runs a story on the people working behind-the-scenes. I worked on this story with two photographers in different parts of the country, where we concentrated on the estate managers that take care of multi-million dollar homes. I worked with Thomas Sanford, a ex-cop from Georgia, who manages this 10,000-square-foot estate in Beverly Hills, home to a film director and fashion designer. Sanford was a pleasure to hang out with and photograph. He seemed to really love his job. And how could you blame him, getting to spend every day on a property like this? 

I've shot a lot of real estate in the past, but this place really stood out to me. My favorite part was the top-tier portion of the property with a Jet Stream trailer, lavish outhouse, and luxurious, rustic screened-in porch. There was even 1-room treehouse that looked nicer than most 1 bedroom apartments in Los Angeles. 

This was one of those assignments where I had to shoot video, on top of stills, which always seems to take away from both mediums. I would love for another opportunity to shoot the estate with my full attention to stills. Please check out the slideshow and video to see the other properties as well. Thanks for looking!

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