Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Methodist Preacher Defrocked for Presiding Over Gay Son's Wedding - Los Angeles Times

It saddens me that a church would defrock a their pastor for supporting and loving his son unconditionally. For claiming to be a religion full of love and acceptance, it is a shame that all of that love and acceptance fails to make the cut for the LGBT community. Frank Schaefer put his life in Pennsylvania on the line to do what any parent would be happy to do, marry off their child. In this case, it cost him his congregation, job, and home. 

Luckily, some compassionate individuals offered him a chance to start fresh at a church in Isla Vista, Calif., where Schaefer has been working to build a new congregation. I hope that in the years to come, more religious leaders stand up for the LGBT community, like Schaefer has, even though it may "go against" the Bible's teachings. After all, Jesus was known for spending his time with the prostitutes, criminals, and tax collectors, while rebuking the religiously pious. Seems to be a theme that the church frequently forgets. If God is real, and his love is real, then that love should fall short of no one. 

Please do yourself a favor and read Schaefer's story, it is certainly worth your time. I'm sure he would appreciate letters of support as well.

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