Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Moab GGBY (Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah) for Outside Online

Went back to Moab over Thanksgiving for another year of GGBY. The weather was drastically different than last year, featuring freezing cold weather, snow, and never catching sight of the sun. The highs during the day never went past 45 and was down in the 20s at night. Glad I was prepared for the warm weather after freezing my ass off in Bishop a few weeks ago. I was utterly astonished when my Jetta made it 25 miles in and out of the Fruit Bowl in 6 inches of wet clay and mud. That car is a beast! Though I did have to get new tires on the way home.. Outside Magazine ran a slideshow on their website. Big thanks to everyone involved, especially Sierra Nevada for the free beer and CPS for letting me borrow a 1DX and lens kit. Please enjoy and follow along for the next adventure!