Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Urban Highline World Record - for The Red Bulletin

This was one of my favorite shoots from last year. It's always rewarding when someone picks up a story pitch, and lets you run wild with it. Andy Lewis, Jon Fait, Hayden Nickell, and Mickey Wilson from Gibbon Slacklines put on a spectacular show, 450' above the Las Vegas strip. I had unlimited access to shoot, and spent most of my time walking on the edge of the building, unharnessed and free. James Roh did a great job assisting and covering the photos from the street while Andy completed the 365' record-breaking walk. I've always loved the work that Red Bull produces and I was very happy to work with them on another story. They even put me on their contributor's page! As always, thanks for looking.

Read the awesome story by Anne Donahue here.

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