Monday, August 3, 2009

New Home, Lead Free

The Jessups invited me to come to their new house that they're building on Sunday in Bowling Green, KY. Their new house has over 5 acres of lead-free land, so their 6 kids can finally play outside without risking their health. If all goes according to plan, the house should be completely self-sustainable. They are right near an amish community and all of their food and most of their needs can be obtained from them, or on their own property. They want to withdraw from commercial society and live off the grid. The dad will hopefully only have to work around 3 or 4 months a year and that should cover their living. They're also flirting with the idea of starting a commune in the future.


Drew Angerer said...

way to follow the story, man. lots of really nice frames- i love #9 with the kid sleeping on the floor and all the little details all over that frame.

Tyler Sutherland said...

dude this story is looking sweet. I am really digging it. I think #3 is my favorite. can't wait to see more