Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soul of Athens

Here's my project for Soul of Athens. I've still got a couple weeks to work on it so it's gonna be a lot different for the final. but this is my first building block


Angela Wilhelm said...

"I think that's the way the government wants things to run, they want the big people, they don't care about the ones that built the country." That quote really stood out to me. Nice job. I'm not sure what that beat is in the beginning but I liked that part of the audio too.

James McAuley said...

The beat was the milking machines right? Nice work Dan, I know you spent a lot of time with these people to get it right.

Bob said...

Wow, you really dug up a story America needs to feel. I think you've put it out there in a way that it can be felt. Way cool son, that's good journalism.