Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rain or Snow, Munro Bagging We Go!

Well "Scottish Hillwalking" turned out to be way more than I expected. I spent Saturday Munro Bagging (Munros are summits over 3,000 feet), which doesn't sound very tough, and I wasn't expecting it to be, but wow... We started the day off in the rain, and then had to cross a river, which immediately filled up my boots with water (awesome start). Then we hiked uphill and through the woods for about an hour and a half, just to get to the hills. It was a spectacular sight that i'll never forget. Hiking was like walking on top of a wet sponge and felt great on the feet but just kept my boots from drying. The weather changed every 10 minutes from sunny, to rain, to heavy wind, to freezing cold. The hikes were steep and the peaks were covered in heavy clouds, and I thought I made it to the top about 9 different times, only to see another giant hill in front of me. The view from the top was amazing and vast. I saw a couple rainbows too. But after the 3 mountains in climbed and 10 miles over hiking up and down them in 12 hours, I was completely exhausted. i woke up this morning at 1pm and my whole body hurt. It was a great trip though.

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Michelle said...

Some of the best photos yet, when your Dad was here he was telling me about this and it didn't sound that intense, now it does!

Tom H