Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting Moving

Well we've been keeping busy here and it's starting to wear on me. I have been traveling every day, walking throughout the day, climbing, shooting, hauling bunches of lenses, have a terrible cold and can hardly sleep, and have been having an awesome time. Thursday we went to North Berwick and were told to go out and find stuff to shoot. I met a ton of nice people and made some pictures I'm happy with. The places I am seeing are absolutely breathtaking. We climbed a mountain the other day as well which was a lot of fun and the view was serene (we also climbed it in the rain).
Friday I ventured off and found one of the rock gyms and met some cool people. I will hopefully be going out with a couple people i met and doing some trad climbing. There was also a 15 year old girl that was climbing a grade or two above my level and really put me in my place haha. It's funny seeing the cultural differences here. The fact that instead of taping routes on the walls, they just use holds that are all the same color (which seems like it would be a pain, and expensive), the climbers are almost like tough guy football coaches as well and don't like excuses (go big or go home type deal), and they drink tea and coffee when they are resting.
Today we went to Dunbar for a Lifeboat fundraiser and met some interesting kids. We met the town "hoodlums" that were big drinkers. We asked what they did for fun and they said, "drinking and fighting." It was not as much of a surprise to find out that a few of them had already been in jail, one was on house arrest after being let out a few weeks ago, and some were on probation. They were later ticketed and kicked out of the event for open container charges. They were very nice and welcoming to the American photographers though... I also found some hanging draws and anchors for climbing on some cliffs above the water! More to come soon... Cheers!


Dustin said...

So jealous. The last shot is very nice. You should do what me and Dustin did. Every time you climb a high point in Scotland you smoke a cig on top of it....or drink a bottle of wine. Your choice.

dusitn said...

hell yeah! that was so awesome. high spots in scotland = smoke a cigarette. usually we did both, drink and smoke. but i remember the lifeboat fete in dunbar. that was a super fun day. and i remember seeing that last shot when i was over there. minus the guy and the car. so i just saw the place actually haha. good job dan, keep it up and keep posting.

Michelle said...

Is the diving at Scapa Flow? Look's gray and dismal, perfect weather for Scotland!

Michelle said...

By the way it's Tom, not Michelle, drink a pint of stout for me. The pictures look great. I take back the stout comment, not really, I love warm beer. Your posts are great.